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SEECO Phlebology and Skin ultrasound course in Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine

On 15 and 16th March 2013 the first edition of the phlebology and skin ultrasound course in dermatology and aesthetic medicine.

The event took place in Colegio de Medicos de Madrid ( Spain) and it was hosted by SEECO ( Spanish Society of Ultrasound)


Colegio de Medicos (Madrid)


First day was devoted to ultrasound of venous system and treatments. Dr. Javier Pérez Monreal  and Dr. Cerez  explained the concepts of vascular ultrasound of venous system and application of new treatments guided through ultrasound

. One clear concept was clear:ultrasound is key for successful planning and performing.

Second day was devoted to skin ultrasound. Dr. Concha Millana (Madrid) explained skin histopathology as a base for skin ultrasound.
Dr. Fernando Alfageme (Madrid) explained basic skin and appendages ultrasound . Following session started with skin ultrasound inflammation patterns  and common tumors in the different dermatological conditions.


Dr. Ana Sánchez (Madrid) clearly explained her experience in cosmetic cellulite ultrasound guided procedures.

There was much debate about the need of consensus in nomenclature of the clinical and ultrasound phases of cellulite.


Elastography of cellulite was clearly explained and the increase of rigidity in dermal subdermal union was stated with a clinical study by Dr. Sánchez  as a clear marker for early cellulite.


Dr Francisco de Cabo (Barcelona)  gave an excellent lecture about ultrasound of the various cosmetic fillers and Skin aging. He also explained a brilliant  method to estimate quantitatively skin aging with Adobe Photoshop.


Histogram in Adobe Photosop


Practical sessions were held and all attendees had the opportunity to work with last generation equipments.


Dr. Ricardo Aguiló (Madrid) offered a future perspective of this promising subspeciality with special focus on procedures in skin medicine and aesthetics guided by US.

Presentation of the book by Dr. Alfageme and Dr. Cerezo  «Manual de Ecografia cutanea»  also took place.



It was for all attendees and ponents a brilliant course on phebology and  skin ultrasound which will sure have next editions.


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